Monday, April 26, 2010

Jimmy John's = Epic Win

Granted: Annie + 2010 blogging = epic failure.

But every now and then I still get the itch to get on my soapbox. Like today, for example, when I took a midday promenade a few blocks over to Jimmy John's, ordered a Beach Club-NO MAYO-on French, and in true Jimmy John's fashion, my sandwich was waiting for me down the counter before I could put away my thirty cents change.

Enjoying my sunny stroll, I meandered back to my office, grabbed a napkin and soda, and took a seat to unwrap what I expected to be the deliciousness that was within. But when I unwrapped, I did not find my delightfully fresh beach club-NO MAYO-on French, but rather something resembling a sandwich. I couldn’t quite tell, because there was putrid white glop oozing from every possible angle of said sandwich-like structure.

Instead of whining and complaining and trying to control my gag reflux as I attempted to purify my purchase from the oozing slop , instead I called up my friends at Jimmy John’s, explained the situation, and the phone guy pleasantly agreed to deliver a new sandwich, SANS MAYO, to my office. A scruffy dude arrived a few minutes later, full-smile, happy to exchange my new sandwich for the rancid glop in my hand, AND... he gave me a full refund. In a day when customer service seems to have gone to the crapper, it totally made my day.

So, just to be clear, I have absolutely nothing profound or theological to offer in this post. Just that the Jimmy John's on Brady Street = Epic Win.