Thursday, January 21, 2010

Lessons in ebonics from my 73-year-old father

Below, please find my beloved 73-year-old father's attempt to "learn computer tech lingo," as he calls it... looks more like ebonics, to me. The funniest part, is that in his attempt to be tech savvy he unknowingly posted the following through my mother's account:

Connie Lastname
der Glen gud lukn hat- im tryin 2 lern komputr tec= weed luv 2 hav u bak 4 a hok futbal gam or suner=glad 2 no ur famlys duin wel,& soz rz-lots to diskus,luv ,jtn

"Gud lukn hat." Good luck in Haiti? Good looking hat? Gouda, Luke, and HazMat? I haven't a clue! Also, did I see that right? Did my father just type, "luv?" LUV? Is this the beginning of the Tribulation? Because that wall post leaves me more distressed and troubled than I've ever been.


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  2. first, hilarious. second, why won't my "reactions" work??? my blog sucks. your's is pretty.